Where have you seen God today?

Last Sunday, during the Greater Lake Area Chorale concert, one of the groups sang a song in Hebrew titled Ose Shalom. As the contemplative piece was being performed, I noticed the trees outside the sanctuary windows swaying back and forth in the wind…in perfect time with the music.

One of my favorite things to do when I work with any small group or mission group is to ask, at the end of the day, Where did you see God today?” I have been blown away by some of the responses I wave received over the years. Sometimes a glimpse of God has been revealed through interaction with others. Other times, God has been revealed in nature. Interestingly, two people spending the entire day together might report experiencing the holy in completely different ways.

I wondered how many people in the sanctuary were aware of the “dance of the creation” moment happening during Sunday’s concert. If someone were to ask me where I had seen God on April 7th, I would have several responses. The first and most poignant example would have to be those trees swaying to the music. So…where have you seen God today?