A Great Week!

It has been a special week! Our kids, their guests, and our youth and adult volunteers have had a wonderful time traveling to Athens to meet Paul, and learn about his adventures as he went place to place telling others about the love of Jesus and his message of the power of God. Many thanks to Amy Miller and Cindy Lou Conley for their work on this meaningful experience, and to Robert for handling the extra cleaning that is needed. Also, we have to be thankful for the work of our many volunteers, who also gave count-less hours to making our Athens adventure a great success by making our oikos (household, family) groups, market place stores, kitchen, photography, media, and registration awesome. You’ll notice all of them in the staff picture here. What an amazing group!

One of our staff volunteered a long way from home. Rev. Paul Ragle, a great friend and brother from another mother, traveled here from Stroud, Oklahoma to play the character of Paul. He spent a week of his sabbatical from his congregation helping us, and getting to experience a little of the lake. I am grateful for his sharing with us and the time I have gotten to spend with him this week.

Paul will travel back to Oklahoma, pick up a few things, including his wife Connee, and return to bring the message during our worship services this Sunday, August 4. Their presence here will allow me to travel back to Oklahoma on Friday evening after our VBS celebration and finalize our home projects, put our house on the market, and begin to close a chapter in our lives there.

My wife Nancy will return with me and will report to her new position at Camdenton Schools on August 7. We will finally, after a long 7 months, be here! Thank you for the extra time to finish up in Broken Arrow.

You will really enjoy Paul (Ragle) this Sunday! He will bring a dramatic interpretation as the Apostle Peter, and some special music in the outdoor service. You won’t want to miss it!