Our Future is Bright

What an amazing day last Sunday was! The worship life here was full as the morning was filled with worship; first the early service and then our inaugural service, “The Harbor”.

Afterward, faithful groups of people celebrated worship with residents of three nursing/rehab facilities in the area. All of that was followed by a small group of guitarists gathering on our courtyard to learn some chords and play music together. It was a good day!

We owe many thanks to Dan Chisham and the steering group which helped us to have our ‘Harbor” experience. From initial dreaming to the actual service, this group has been faithful in trying to discern God’s call in our worship life. I think, as many of you have also expressed, they knocked it out of the park!

We also owe thanks to all who went into our community to provide a worship experience to those who are in the three care facilities I mention earlier. Whether it is the singing of songs or the sharing of communion, the residents of these facilities were able to come together in community and celebrate God’s love. We get the opportunity to do this on fifth Sunday months.

I thank you also for all of the support these groups have been given. If worship is to be the central activity we do, I am confident, based on the response received so far, that our future is bright! As we explore new ways to center ourselves in worship and prayer, I am hopeful for our future! That future will call on each of us to do our part to share the Good News. Are you ready?