Wow! I can’t thank you enough for the tremendous care you have shown for me and for Nancy during our time here and especially this past weekend! For all of the cards, gifts, and leaves on the tree I am grateful!

When I left my position as associate pastor of First Christian Church of Midwest City, Oklahoma in 2002 to accept a call to be on the Oklahoma regional staff, the church presented me with a Mason jar that was decorated and had the words “Gary’s Memory Jar” on it. Inside was filled with notes from children, youth, and adults. When I have a lot on my mind or have had a stressful day, I go to that jar, take out some of the slips of colored paper, and read their words to me.

With your “leaves of affirmation” you placed on the tree outside the chapel and sanctuary last Sunday, I’ll have new material to dig into on those days where I just need a boost. Thank you again for all of your care! It is a blessing to be here in ministry with you at Lake Ozark Christian Church!