How Thick is the Ice?

The dock is sitting on the mud and the water that surrounds it is solid. Frozen solid. Nothing moves. It’s like time is standing still. Waiting.

Waiting for a rise in the water level. Waiting for warmer temperature to break the grip of the ice’s grasp. Waiting for winter to be over. When, oh when will it be over? Most of us have asked that question at one time or another. It’s normal. Just like the cold, frozen days of winter.

But we know the cold of winter will be over at some point, and the dawn of Spring is something to anticipate. I can envision us complaining about the stifling heat that summer can bring, too! It’s like that in our weather, and it’s like that in life!

In the meantime, life goes on. We still have things to do. Life happens.

I know that when new experiences happen to us, we just have to do some exploring. For me, when the cove freezes over, its time to see how thick the ice is!

Last week, I found out. First, I found out that a lure with a weight on it just bounces off. So I went onto the shore. It was time to throw some rocks. I wondered how far I could skip a small rock. I found out the answer was: A long way! Next, I found out a fist sized rock, thrown into the air, bounced off too. If it was going to break through, I needed something more substantial.

Finally, I went closer to the water, found a large rock that took two hands to lift, and tossed it in. It penetrated the ice with a small splash and a hole the same size as the rock itself. I had conquered the “How thick is the ice?” question.

As I headed up the hill toward the house, I looked back. There, strewn across the frozen water in front of me were rocks, lots of rocks, and a few places where larger rocks I had thrown had crashed through. It reminded me of how life can be….strewn with all kinds of things, and a few places where things have crashed all the way thru.

The rocks were on the top of the water for two days. The places where the large rocks had made it through the ice had frozen over again. Typical. But then, I went home and the rocks were gone. The water was moving once again. For a short time, Spring had sprung!

For the past few days, the cove has been frozen over again, and a storm is heading in. The snow is falling and it promises to be a big one. Just as in life, we’ll weather this one, and move on. The question, for me, is, “How big of a rock will it take to break through ice with five inches of snow on top of it?” I think I’ll go find out! Be safe out there!