Toward Jerusalem

Ash Wednesday has come and gone and we turn our eyes toward Holy Week. We follow the stories of Jesus heading toward Jerusalem, and we journey there also. We share once again the stories of hope and renewal, the teachings of Jesus to the disciples, and the crowds gathering to cheer and hear the Good News.

We journey to the upper room, break bread and drink of the cup, hear of denial and betrayal, and once again follow Jesus to the cross. And death. But it doesn’t stop there! Our journey leads us to follow the story further. To go past death to LIFE!

I hope this Lenten season has given you the opportunity to pause, reflect, and focus on your own spiritual journey. If you haven’t had that opportunity, it’s not too late. Take time for prayer, study, and reflection about your life and your own journey.

As we venture to Jerusalem together, I hope that you will know the presence of God more fully, the connection of Jesus that binds us all together, and the challenge of the message which brings us together and sends us forward into the world equipped to make it a better place. I am thankful to be on this adventure with you!