Making Ourselves Available

Last Wednesday evening we had our LOCC Kidz kickoff and registration event.  The theme for the evening was “Banana Night”.  Our children and adults were asked to wear yellow, and activities included real bananas.  We even went a little “bananas”!

When the banana games were over, we closed our time with a prayer circle in the middle of the gym.  There, in darkness, by only the light of the yellow “glow sticks” we had given the kids, we talked about how the scriptures remind us that Jesus is the “light of the world”.  Even in the darkest times of our lives, we receive the light.  Some shared joys and concerns from their lives.   At the end of their sharing, each participant said “Lord”, and the group finished by saying “Hear our prayer”.

There, in the darkness of our gym, in the yellow glow of those glow sticks, we encountered God.  Although everyone didn’t offer a joy or concern, these kids made themselves available to the presence of God in community.  In other words, they were doing “church”.

Our worship time is about making ourselves available to the presence of God through community.  That is how we are called to “do” church.  The idea is that we are amazing individuals who experience ministry better when we do it together… We gather here, and then go into the world to live, love, and serve.

Our kids get what being church is about.  I pray that we, as adults, can get it too! 

That we can show up and make ourselves available to God and each other in Christ’s name…..

“Lord…..   “________   Our _________”   (Fill in the blanks)