WE are the Church!

Our building here at LOCC is an awesome structure that allows us to to have a more comfortable space to house ministries and gather the church together before we send it out into the world. We go forth from here to proclaim the “Good News” of Jesus Christ to those who need to hear or see it.

That being said, it is in constant need of maintenance.  In my time here, we have dealt with numerous issues.  Air conditioning units, have been replaced.  Roofing has been repaired and/or replaced.  Our chapel flooded and was remodeled. A huge crack in the foundation had to be repaired, and the list goes on an on.

There have also been opportunities to be better stewards of our resources and environment.  Our new air conditioner and heating systems are much more efficient.  Our chapel, gym, hallways and other areas have been converted to LED lighting sources.  Our consumption of electricity has been cut in half by these changes and a focused effort to control thermostats.

Within these structures, we celebrate joys and concerns, life and death, and we learn about God’s love.  We worship, teach, enjoy good food, and serve each other.   Kids, youth, and adults  explore faith here.

Our building is great, and it costs a lot to maintain.  But it is not our church.  As I said earlier, it is the space where we house our ministries and gather together for worship before we send that Church out into the world.  That means that WE are the Church!  Each of us is called to go beyond the walls of the church to “be” the gospel.  To “be” the Church.

Being the Church outside the walls of our building requires us to “Love God with all of our mind, soul, and strength, and to love our neighbor even as we love ourselves”.  That means we are to be light to the world, and to be bearers of hope to that world.

Just like a building, faith needs to be maintained.  Sometimes it needs to be remodeled.  Sometimes it even needs to be rebuilt.  I am thankful we have such a great place to be able to do just that!