Beginning the New Year

This weekend looks to have a possibility for a significant weather event.  If we do, we may cancel our worship service on Sunday.  Please check our website and/or Facebook page on Sunday morning before you come, or call the church at 573-365-3366 for an updated message!  Whatever happens with the weather, be safe!

 Thank you all again for the cards, gifts, and treats through the holidays!

As we begin the new year, we have opportunities to look back at the past, and to look toward the future.  As individuals and as a faith community, both are helpful.  As we move forward into 2019, we have opportunities to reach out in numerous ways.  We must continue to assess where we are and how we can better serve our God and the world around us.

My hope and prayer for LOCC this year is that we will all learn new ways to reach out and to also look inward to better define who we are as a congregation and individually as followers of Christ.  May we search our hearts, minds, and souls to each use our gifts and graces for ministry as we seek to be authentic in our portrayal of God’s love to the world around us!

Be good to each other and everyone else!