A Pastor’s Perspective

Last Friday, I went to help with the clean-up of Community Christian Church in Jefferson City. As you recall, the church was hit by a tornado last week. I was one of around 80 helpers who removed debris, cut down broken trees, picked up broken glass, and other things to assist this congregation in getting back on their feet.

After I arrived, a school bus containing 28 students and a couple of teachers showed up to help. These high school students had finished their last day of school on Thursday and were spending the next day in tornado relief. They worked hard and really had an impact on the church property. They were the hands and feet of Christ that day. I was glad to have been there with them!

Each of us is called to reach out our own lives and to connect to God’s world in mission. Each one of us has a part to play. We don’t have to do everything, but each of us can do something! I hope we will find your own “something” and become involved in something that helps others. We each are called to serve someone. No matter what our age.

One part of serving calls us to give some of our time. Those kids and coaches last week gave their time and energy. One way we can serve is by giving our time this Saturday and Sunday as participants in our Epiphany retreat. I hope you will join me there as we begin to seek God’s vision for the future of Lake Ozark Christian Church. I hope to see you at this important event!