Worship With Us

Lake Ozark Christian Church offers a pleasant variety of spiritual music in our worship service, and our combination of traditional and contemporary styles accommodates and respects all tastes. We believe you will be moved by our energy, and will enjoy feeling the power of God. We encourage you to join us and connect with our unhurried God.

Both of our services are similar in style and format; however the settings are totally different and unique. Service is casual attire. Nursery service is available on Sunday from 8:00am to noon. We celebrate the Lord’s supper every Sunday. All are welcome at our Communion Table and invited to participate, regardless of Denominational Affiliation.

8:15am Early Service [Chapel in the Woods]

The setting of our outdoor worship area makes the 8:15 service very special. The chapel is located behind our main sanctuary and overlooks the Lake of the Ozarks. Those who attend this service love the outdoors and often start their days early. The setting is informal and relaxed. Casual attire [shorts are common] is prevalent, and the occasional cup of coffee or pastry can be seen. No one minds. Every so often…signs and sounds of nature punctuate the service. One may almost hear, or feel a whisper…”I Am Here“.

10:30am Main Sanctuary Service

Upon entering our magnificent main sanctuary, be prepared to be greeted by harmonious sounds of the organ, or piano, or bell choir. Their music is warm and inviting, and our traditional music and mix of various contemporary styles and modern instruments, provides a rich spiritual sound to accompany our worship service. Our church choir highlights the entire service with their robust and elegant vocals. The impressive sanctuary with spacious comfortable seating, towering ceiling and full glass wall was built in 2009. Immediately, you will realize this is a massive space with a more formal service. It is truly a poignant place to connect or reconnect with God. An unseen voice may seem to whisper to you…”I Am Here“.

The Lord’s Supper is up front and center. All are welcome to participate in Communion in this church, regardless of Denominational Affiliation. Casual attire is always appropriate. Relax and worship with us.

A movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.