Storms in your life

A couple of weeks ago, a storm blew through the area with winds they tell me were in excess of 75 miles per hour. The next morning, I received a call from my next door neighbor informing me that my sailboat, a 16 foot catamaran, and its trailer had been blown around and flipped over on the driveway. “The tires on a boat trailer are not supposed to be straight up in the air, but yours are.”, she said.

Flipped over by a storm that blows through. It happens every day. Health issues, relationship issues, financial; issues, faith issues, and any number of the issues that challenge us. We all have the potential to be rocked by the winds of change and the storms that generate around us. The key is how we weather the storm.

Things can be fixed and/or replaced. Life can go on. There are people around us who keep us from weathering the storms in life alone. That’s what the church is supposed to be about. I have seen it here at the lake, and I have seen the people of our congregation reach out to others in extraordinary ways.

I pray that if you are weathering storms in your life that you will let yourself be surrounded by the care that is available to you here at Lake Ozark Christian Church. There are a good number of people who care, and life is lived better in community. So we don’t have to weather the storms of life by ourselves.

I searched the internet and finally found the part I needed to repair the frame on my boat. I will take it for an estimate on the hull repair soon. I have insurance that will help to pay for the damage caused by the storm.

As I look to the future, I am confident that the result of that storm is just a minor setback and an inconvenience to me. Soon, all will be restored and I will be sailing again.

Being church together is a lot like that. I am glad to be part of a faith community which cares for others and becomes a harbor in tough times, and when storms blow in. The storms of life are inevitable. When our lives are flipped over and we are tossed about by them, it is great to know there are people around who offer refuge and help in difficult times. I’m glad to be connected to such a place here at LOCC!

Peace! Gary