The Last Year

I began my Lake Ozark adventure just a little over a year ago! I arrived on January 2, 2013, and spent the first day in my office on January 3rd. A lot has happened since then! The last issue of the Chimes reminded me of some of our activities, and I realized how fast a year can go, and the changes that can happen in that short period of time.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you one and all for your generosity, hospitality, and connection you have provided for Nancy and me as we have transitioned into becoming “lakers”. We are thankful to be here in such a warm and gracious faith community

As we look back on some very memorable times. I am reminded that we can only look back so long. The real reasons we are here call us to remember what has gone on before, be a people of action in the present, and plan for a bright future

I look forward to moving into God’s call for us in a real authentic way. We have the potential to do even more extraordinary things in this new year and in the future, and that future depends on all of us to answer God’s call in our lives. It calls us to answer the call of Jesus to love God fully, and our neighbor even as we do ourselves.

I am glad to have been the pastor at LOCC for the past year! Let’s commit to another year together which holds even more meaning and impact for our community and our world…proclaiming the Good News to our communities and to the ends of the earth