It IS good to be back!

It’s always good to get away, but it’s also great to get back home! My mom used to say that just about every time we left the house for more than a day. After taking some time to go camping and fishing in the mountains of Colorado a couple of weeks ago, I had acknowledge that mom had a point.

It is good to get away from your normal activities and do something different. To recharge and renew your spirit. My time away was great! But it was also good to get back! Many thanks to John Yonker, Randall Bunch, Bonnie Massie and the Elders for filling in while I was away! It IS good to be back!

It’s CROP Walk Time! – This year’s CROP walk will be held on September 13. It is an excellent opportunity for us to reach out into the world to assist with the
issue of hunger through Church World Service.

The 10K walk is a way to declare solidarity with those who have to walk daily to get food and water. Remember 25% of all monies raised go directly to Hope House. Thanks to Bette Taylor, Shirley Wicker and all of our CROP volunteers for coordinating this year’s walk!

Our Wednesday afternoon children’s and youth programming begins with our pool party and registration event on Sept 3. Our regular program begins September 10. We need you to help with this year’s program! Let’s make this another awesome year for our children and youth!

Glad to be your pastor!