We are disciples

We are a diverse group of people here at LOCC.  We come from all sorts of backgrounds and places, and have experience in many different vocations.  Our religious traditions are from all areas of the theological spectrum, and we seek to provide a place where all followers of Christ can feel welcome and grow in their faith.

As Disciples, we are called to live into Jesus’ call to love God with everything we have, and to love our neighbor…even to the point we love ourselves.  That love calls us back to the Table each time we gather.  It is in that moment that our differences and diversity transform us into one body.  And we are called, as that body, to experience true community.

I am thankful for our tradition as a Disciples congregation.  That tradition calls us to be a congregation which seeks a deeper spirituality, true community, and a passion for justice.  This vision calls us to be informed by constantly exploring faith issues, the Bible, and seeking the presence of God in our own lives.

As we live into the call of Jesus on our lives to seek God and love others, I am also thankful that our congregation is a caring, loving, and diverse group of Disciples that seek to make a difference in our world!