It is “in season” again

It is “in season” again!  For a few months, the lake area will host tens of thousands of guests. Some will be visiting LOCC, and others we will encounter on the street, at the store, or on the water.  What is important as we experience this yearly ritual is for us to remember to live out our faith and to answer our call and exhibit the Gospel to all we encounter.  A smile or a helpful word can go a long way.  An invitation to join us at LOCC is appropriate as well.  It is a call for us to be the church…. and to show the face of Christ to our world!

The last couple of weeks have seen many things happening around here!  We ended this year’s Wednesday after school program with a trip to The Funny Farm petting zoo and a cook-out at the church.  Many thanks to Ron Ferguson for being our grill master!  Also, many thanks to Patty Mitchell, Sandy Wilson, and Terri Van Clavern, and all of our other volunteers for making this another great opportunity to serve our community.

Last Saturday we hosted an Older Adult seminar with FCC Eldon and Community Christian Church in Camdenton.  We had a great time, got great information, and experienced the generosity of our regional church, who made our presenter possible at no cost to the local churches.

Our Youth also ended the school year with a mini golf outing and dinner at Sergio’s.  Many thanks again to Patty Mitchell for her dedication to this group!

Also, our fellowship committee did a great job with our Taco – themed graduation party!

There are many more things that happen each week at LOCC.  I invite you to be part of the happenings here and to be here on Sunday mornings to worship.  While you are at it, extend an invitation to someone else to be part of the dynamic community of faith we seek to be!