What if?

“It only takes a spark to get a fire going!”….is a lyric in the song “Pass It On”.  It has long been a camp favorite, and we sometimes sing it here at LOCC.  The lyric is true in many ways.  It takes a spark to start a campfire.  It takes a spark for internal combustion engines to work.  It also sometimes takes a spark to get a church going too!

I have been encouraged by people stepping up around here to create sparks of energy.  Those sparks generally start with a “What if?” inquiry.

One such spark has come from our communications group.  Tim Tabor approached us back in November and asked, “What if we focused on our social media presence through Advent?”  Using his promotion experience from his years in the real estate business, he has produced and directed short videos to promote LOCC, has created fun experiences for our congregation (do you remember the 125 year old sled in our narthex at Christmas?), and is behind our continuing whodunnit, “Where’s Jesus?” that we are experiencing in weekly installments in worship, social media, and our webpage.

His efforts have been a spark to us, all coming from the heart he has for this church.  Thanks, Tim!

Other sparks are beginning to happen as well.  Can you envision becoming part of a community meal that could be served here each week?  What if we had an after-school program each day of the week instead of just on Wednesdays?

Over the next few months you will hear about our congregation participating in a yearlong self-examination and discernment project called the “Epiphany Program.”  This program is designed to enhance our ministry by having us look at who we are and how we can use our gifts and ministries to be a greater presence for the work of God in our community.  It’s designed to help us find “sparks” for igniting our faith community!

As we progress into the future God has in store for this congregation, we have much to be thankful for.  Look for the opportunities where you can connect, because each and every one of us can make a difference!  Perhaps you can be a spark!

What if we all shared in the exciting future we will share together as we praise God and become agents for change in our world through the “Good News” of Jesus Christ?