In the cold of winter, we face the darkest time of the year.

From the prophet Isaiah, God tells us, “I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground.” (Isaiah 42:16).

In the cold of winter, we face the darkest time of the year.  This year, at least in the Northern hemisphere, our shortest day (winter solstice) is on December 21.  More than that, the days seem to be overcast, with a bitter wind coming off the lake.  I’m not sure about you, but the lack of sunlight always depresses me.  And with the darkness of our days, waiting for the vaccine to take effect and bring an end to this COVID madness, still wondering when it will be safe to resume in-person worship, it is good to know that God will bring light to our darkness.  Jesus is the light of the world, and this Christmas season, let us welcome the light of our Savior, giving us hope, peace, joy, and love.

Many have asked about how I am feeling.  I’m feeling fine.  I never had any harsh symptoms.  The boys and I have recently tested negative.  Thanks for all the care and support!

Blessings and Peace,
Pastor Ron

Worship this Sunday
Advent is a season of waiting, but is idle waiting what God wants of us? In preparation for the coming Messiah, we wonder together—what things can’t wait? What demands our immediate attention? What requires our work and preparation? What is it that God can’t wait for? Is it our praise, reconciliation, and proclamation? Is it the end of suffering, isolation, and fear? This Advent, we invite you to join us in imagining, prioritizing, and preparing. As we wait, what can’t?

For the Fourth Sunday of Advent, we will look at Matthew 1:18-25, “Courage (Love) Can’t Wait.” As Christmas draws near, we meditate on the courage required of both Joseph and Mary. When Joseph learns of Mary’s pregnancy, he decides to avert scandal and dismiss her quietly. But when an angel comes to him in a dream, he chooses to trust the angel and act counter to social and gender norms—all so that the world might know love. How might we practice courageous, counter-cultural love? How can we be brave enough to love one another and respond to God’s call in our lives?

Check In
We’ve created a Google Form to check in with everyone.  You can share how your week has been and leave prayer concerns.  It only takes a few moments to complete.  Click here to fill out your check in form.

Thank You!
Last Friday, Jane Daniels, Barb Davis, Paula Elkin, Rich and Barb Reinwald, Rich and Sandy Wolfgang, and Mila Moore recorded several Christmas songs to be used in our online worship services.  And our new administrative assistant, Megan Pineda recorded.  Thanks!

Last Week’s Worship Service
Missed the service from last week?  For the Third Sunday of Advent, we looked at Isaiah 35:1-10 and Luke 1:46b-55, “Delight (Joy) Can’t Wait.” Mary’s Magnificat shows us deep and holy joy—joy that trusts God’s promises of restoration, new beginnings, food for the hungry, and justice for the wronged. In Isaiah, creation sings with abundant joy, blooming open like a crocus. What does it look like to delight in God’s goodness? How do we respond to God’s work in the world with joy? How can we be singers of joy?  Click here to watch the worship service from December 13, 2020.